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Welcome to Serra da Bocaina!

Serra da Bocaina is a very big mountain region located between Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.
It is known as the Trekking Paradise in Brazil and it has hundreds of trails, waterfalls and peaks with very nice mountain views.
At the top of Serra da Bocaina (1600m high), Serra da Bocaina National Park is located, the biggest national park from southwest of Brazil.
The door of Serra da Bocaina National Park is São José do Barreiro, a little town in São Paulo state, 273km far from São Paulo Capital city and 214km from Rio de Janeiro.
MW Trekking Ecotourism Travel Agency has its office at the main square of São José do Barreiro and it’s from there that all trekking programs to Serra da Bocaina begin.
MW Trekking exists since 1993 and it has the best experienced Trekking Guides, Safety Management System, 4WD car and radio system (PY) with full time contact among the office into the town, the Trekking Guides on the trails and Pousada Recanto da Floresta.
At Serra da Bocaina, The Pousada Recanto da Floresta ( is the place where everybody is welcomed as a friend, and it is also where all the walks and trekking programs start.
At Pousada Recanto da Floresta, you and your family will feel at home, and in the middle of a beautiful nature, surrounded by the rain forest and a large number of birds.
Check in the menu on the right side of this page (Trekking Programs), the kinds of day trekking that MW Trekking offers from Pousada Recanto da Floresta at Serra da Bocaina area and Serra da Bocaina National Park, and organize yourself your own trekking program according with your availability of time, the places that you wish visit the and trekking degree difficulty.
Make your plans, let us know your decision and be sure that we’ll do our best to provide you an unforgettable experience joining safety, comfort and the best meals from Serra da Bocaina!

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